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The Godly Chic Diaries

There’s always a moment. A moment when you decide ‘this is it’. That you’re going to be more than just normal. You’re going to live the life you want to live. The moment you know your life is about to change.

I have tried to think carefully about what I would like to share and I must admit that I have been a bit hesitant. No, not because I’m embarrassed (I’m a fairly open book) but because I think there’s an inherent danger in beautifying our “failures.” I think when people contribute and choose “failures” that are trivial (and I use the word with the utmost caution), it does little for the reader who is going through something much more…intense. There’s an insane pressure to choose failures that you can wrap up as fortune cookie lessons. I did not want to glorify the experiences that have led to my growth.

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