The Healing House: My Happily Ever After (Excerpt 6)

Here we are my friend,

Exactly where I’d hoped we’d be.

The men are in the living room,

Football blaring from the TV.


The sounds so exciting,

I can’t help but stop and listen.

They’re smells of dinner throughout the house,

Coming from your kitchen.


The dogs are playing all around,

There’s peace within your walls.

The grandkids’ enjoy their favorite pastime,

Sliding sock-footed down your halls.


The scars of restoration,

Are so faint they’re barely there.

Your beauty gleams from floor to roof,

There’s healing in the air.

You patched the walls.

You shored the floors.

You repaired the roof.

You sealed the doors.


You made it ok for me to share,

All of what makes me, me.

You’ve taken the shame and tossed it out,

Now I see the beauty you see.


Your mercy relieved my doubt.

Your grace retrieved my soul.

Your love has grown my confidence.

Your forgiveness has made me whole.



You’ve placed within my reach.

I hold to it and cherish the blessings,

I commit myself to teach.


I’ll sing to others your praises,

I’ll preach to others your love.

I’ll boast your carpenter skills,

To any who feels unloved.


You’ve restored a beautiful house.

You’ve removed a wound that kills.

I owe you all the glory my Lord,

Thank you for now I’m healed.



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