The Healing House: Final Touches (Excerpt 4)

Blurred HolesWell we had a bit of a setback. My visit last week literally made me sick. I spent a good hour or so with you, and ended up in the Emergency Room that evening. I found you in the worst shape yet. There were holes everywhere painfully exposing your inner workings. There were signs of breaks, rotting, and layers upon layers of patch work. It was like reading a history book about your life. I could literally see inside you, through you even. There were remnants from decades ago, left behind by those that came before me. It broke my heart to see you in this condition. Yet, I’m still hopeful, still faithful. For amidst the lesions, the fractures, and the rot…I see strong bones, a hearty foundation. You were built by a Master. All that have worked on you say so. They all speak of your beauty, the details so carefully placed, the things you have that are unique, yours alone. They are amazed at your age and continually reassure me that you’ve stood the tests of time, that you’re still standing, and most importantly that you have years of joy left in you. It’s just a matter of closing the wounds and cleaning up now.

Some wounds were still open, but there were others that were being stitched, even some where the final touches were being made. Wow…I just hit a “speedbump” of sorts with those last words, “final touches.” I was flowing, speeding along and then, “FINAL TOUCHES.” I’m forced to take pause and reflect. I’m forced into the moment, awakened for a minute. Do you realize the power of those two simple words? I’ve been touched so many times inappropriately that those two words literally hit me like a bus, out of the blue and totally by surprise. The thought of never being touched in those ways again is freeing. I feel lifted! I’m moved to tears once again as I realize the healing has already started. I wonder how you feel, what you feel. It’s painful but promising isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve been touched in ways that were disrespectful as well, ways that made you feel unappreciated, used, and in the end dirty, tarnished, trampled. My dear friend, the healing has begun. It’s exciting, but brace yourself because the healing can be the most painful.


2 thoughts on “The Healing House: Final Touches (Excerpt 4)

    1. Thanks for reblogging my post. I’m exciting to start back and cover the healing part of my journey, although, I guess the entire journey is directed toward healing. I’m just ready to start writing with a lighter heart. I want to show people that there’s hope. Stay tuned. 🙂

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